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Two Cylinder ATV UTV Motorcycle Engine

Jan 25, 2018

The double cylinder engine is a two cylinder structure, with a common “L” double cylinder, “V” double cylinder and horizontal double cylinder.

"L" double cylinder engine

The "L" double cylinders were first designed by British triumphant in 1937. Generally, it is installed horizontally in the frame. The cylinder is parallel to the crankshaft, and the exhaust port is at the front end of engine. When the vehicle is running, the cold air ahead can be well cooled.

The "L" double cylinder engine is more compact and simpler than the V cylinder and the horizontal opposed engine, and the manufacturing cost is lower.

“V” double cylinder

There is a certain angle between the two cylinders of V type double cylinder engine, angle 0 degrees to 180 degrees. The two cylinder continuous ignition interval between two cylinders with different time intervals after the ignition, it will produce a "da da da da da da ~ ~" horseshoe sound. Of course different cylinder angles will lead to different ignition intervals of the V type double cylinder, which are divided into two types: longitudinal and transverse.

horizontal double cylinder

The representative product is the boxer engine of Ural and BMW, the two cylinders are arranged horizontally, and the pistons move external or internal simultaneously, and the vibrations produced by the two movements cancel each other perfectly.

GK have double cylinder engine for ATV,UTV,Motorcycle