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The Principle Of Continuously Variable Transmission

Oct 11, 2016

CVT (CVT:Continuously VariableTransmission) and the level difference, its variable-ratio is not continuous, but rather a series of discrete values, for example, can change from 3.455 to 0.85. Structure than traditional CVT transmission is simple, smaller, and it has no manual transmission's many gears and no automatic transmission complex planetary gear set, it mainly depends on the primary, the driven wheel and metals brought to realize stepless change of speed.

The principle is that as with ordinary transmission of several sets of gears of different sizes under control, different ratios, like bicycle pedals in the size wheel and chain wheel rotating at a different speed. Due to the different strengths of the thrust gear sizes in each group, led the gearbox output speed also changes, in order to achieve slow rotation regardless of grade.