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Engine Classification According To Cylinders

Oct 20, 2017

The motorcycle engine can be divided into single cylinder engine and multi cylinder engine according to the number of cylinders, and the multi cylinder engine can be divided into two cylinders, three cylinders, four cylinders, five cylinders, six cylinders engines, etc..

Only a single cylinder is called a single cylinder engine. Because the crankshaft of single cylinder engine is short and light in weight, the gyroscopic effect is small, and it is flexible and easy to handle when turning. Generally speaking, the small displacement motorcycle under 125 ml is basically a single cylinder engine, and the off-road motorcycle with poor working environment is also mostly used in single cylinder engines.

Engines with more than two cylinders are called multi cylinder engines. Although the advantages of multi cylinder engine, such as stable operation, smooth, dense, allows to improve the speed of the engine, to squeeze more power. But the multi cylinder engine has many shortcomings, such as large volume, high quality, complex structure, so the manufacturing cost and maintenance cost is high; the straight line for multi cylinder engine, the crankshaft is longer, because the higher quality, so the gyroscopic effect of engine obviously, the rider will feel more difficult when the vehicle turning.

In general, the pursuit of high power, high speed luxury comfortable sports car, cruise motorcycle, motorcycle tend to use multi cylinder engine.