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Detailed Explanation Of The Digital Signal Transmission System

Oct 11, 2016

Digital signal transmission system, signal parameters in 2n or 2n+1 a discrete value interval, receive just take the nominal minimum of discrete values of the parameters and "distance" decision is made, there's no need to keep the signal intact, and strong resistance to interference and anti-injury. After relay device of signal can by paragraph regeneration, no noise and the injury of accumulated, signal processing available logic circuit to achieved, equipment simple, easily integrated of, not only applies Yu Telegraph, and data, digital signal of transmission, also applies Yu digital voice signal and other various digital simulation signal of transmission, to for established inclusive various signal of integrated business digital network (ISDN) provides has conditions. Although binary digital signal's spectrum efficiency is far less than the original signal, but through the use of efficient coding, efficient modulation transmission medium and high frequency band can still improve spectrum efficiency to a certain extent, or NA system directly with large bandwidth capacity. The advantages of digital transmission system to determine its special position in the development of the transmission system.