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Characteristics Of CVT

Oct 11, 2016

CVT technologies actually in cars more than 10 years time, but it's smaller than traditional manual and automatic transmission advantage is obvious:

1. simple structure, small size, fewer parts, after production costs must be lower than the normal automatic transmission cost;

2. wide working range of speed ratio, and engines form an ideal match, thereby improving combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions;

3. has a high transfer efficiency, less power loss, high economy.

Of course, the CVT technology also has its weaknesses, such as transmission belts easily damaged, unable to bear a greater load, and so on, these technical difficulties made it has been much used in the small displacement, low-powered cars.

The CVT technology developed quite rapidly, the major automobile manufacturers in the strengthening of research and development in this area. Especially in the hybrid car has broad prospects in the future, CVT's status and role are irreplaceable, it's going to be the future trend of transmission.