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Types of gear box adjustment method

Oct 11, 2016

What type of gear box adjustment method? Maintenance of gear box adjustment and installation of the gear box adjustment is somewhat different, install regardless of gear position adjustment in the turbine and generator location. Because the turbine generators are based on adjusted gear box installed, but is not the same in the repair, not appropriate to make a major change, or it will cause changes, oil gear clearance of steam seal, affecting the safe operation of the unit.

If in a maintenance check when checking the generator side of miter gears, generator only rub marks are on the side of the ring gear. Scraping on the generator side gear shaft thrust of oddiyana, instead scraping on the turbine side of the gear shaft thrust of oddiyana. But scraping value should not generally exceed 0.01mm of oddiyana.

Total clearance of the thrust bearing of large gear should not be greater than the backlash to prevent generator's magnetic Center is not being caused by axial movement of pinion shaft to touch. Gear total clearance (clearance on both sides) can be measured by pressing lead wires. Measurement gear of meshing clearance, is will gear circle into four equal parts, in each across 90 ° direction General tooth along axis to direction into eight equal parts, each equal parts Shang put a article wire, wire of length should to each root wire across 4-5 tooth for better, wire to pressure into teeth between of concave ditch within, with grease stick solid in big gear Shang, then by normal running steering wheel moving gear. Remove the compressed trace wire, and then measure, fill in the form well in advance, and draw the determined position of the pinion clearance. In the process of adjustment, if the bearings are adjustable, you can increase or decrease bearing left, right, bottom gasket adjusting gear clearance. If the bearing is not adjustable, then scraping Bush to achieve the objective.