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How does CVT work inside your UTV

May 27, 2020

How does CVT work inside your UTV?

A CVT allows the engine to operate at optimum power and efficiency in varying conditions. It does this by changing the gear ratio based on speed, RPM and load.

The CVT has three basic components: a drive pulley connected to the engine, a driven pulley connected to the transaxle and a belt. Each pulley has weighted sheaths that move in and out due to centrifugal force. This changes the diameter of the pulley. The belt constantly moves back and forth to create the ideal gear ratio, much like a bicycle.

Gaokin Engine for ATV

When you depress the throttle, the drive pulley narrows and the driven pulley widens, creating a higher gear ratio. When you let off the gas, the drive pulley widens and the driven pulley narrows, creating a lower gear ratio. When you're hard at work, the drive pulley senses the increased load and narrows, creating a lower gear ratio. This gives you the torque needed to get the job done.

CVT is widely applied in Gaokin ATV engines, with the displacements varying from 300cc to 1000cc. In order to ensure the quality we purchase CVT belts made in USA. Below are some good choices: