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Gear box repair friction

Wear and tear is one of the most common failure in the gearbox. During the operation of the gear box, and bearing rollers 2 bonded to each other between the ring and slide between gears, can cause contact surface wear of parts. In addition, the gear box in the infiltration of impurities, electro-chemical reaction can cause surface damage of the parts.

Friction self-repair mechanisms include the following: adsorption of self-repairing mechanisms; tribochemical self-repairing mechanisms; penetration self-repairing mechanisms; glazes of self-repairing mechanisms; nanoparticles self-repairing mechanisms; the self-repair mechanism of nano-mineral powder additive.

Gearbox bearings and gear wear self-repair is mainly to add polar elements in the gear box of oil-soluble anti-friction additive or oil-soluble solid particles suspended in oil.

During the run of the particles in the gear box, spread to the micro-surface friction, with gear or bearing wear friction and chemical reactions on the surface, sediments and fill uneven wear surface, produce an anti-wear and friction reducing repair coatings to improve lubrication of the friction surfaces, obstruct parts in direct contact with the interaction and reduce friction and wear, extending service life.