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Excessive vibration of the gear box do

Oct 11, 2016

With the development of industrial technology and the application of common gear box applications more widely. But gear box will always be accompanied by a series of problems, excessive vibration of the gear box do?

Strong vibration fatigue damage may also make the gear box, these are problems should be taken into account in the design and use of the gear box. To this end, controlling gearbox vibration has aroused people's attention. More control methods of mechanical vibration, but from the mechanical structure design and structural improvement of angle of analysis and research, mainly from the Elimination of vibration, vibration isolation of vibration control sources, reduce the response to three measures of body structure. For example, through finishing, gear modification and copper and other methods to reduce the error of tooth surface to eliminate vibration sources, by damping vibration isolation source. But whichever measure is used, both for source or vibration to take measures.

However, the vibrational structure is not only associated with exciting force size, and modal parameters of structure. Therefore, in addition to removing or isolating vibrating source, can be reduced by changing the structural modal parameters of mechanical structure of controlling gearbox vibration response of an end in itself. This article is from that point of view, presents several gear box and bulk structures, structural dynamics, finite element method, study on the vibration characteristics and their response, obtained a good gear box structure.