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Considerations for gear box production

Oct 11, 2016

Gear box is a velocity, energy transfer device, it is an indispensable piece of equipment in the project, our production and processing all types of gearboxes and gear products and gear box production considerations are described below.

The working principle of gear box, gearbox is driven by the large pulley by the motor, the electrical power requirements of 65KW, highest speed for 132rpm, large pulley with belt drives the small pulley, drive and little belt wheels mounted on the same shaft gear, gear and pinion driven growth. High-speed bearings are key factors in determining gearbox works correctly, so selection of bearing for gearbox, is essential.

Gear box gear selection is also important, General compressor using general selection of quenched and tempered steel 40Cr gear materials, hardness of HRC54, which manufacture gears of high contact strength, good wear resistance, due to the impact of important gear. Small gear selected 15. module 2, large gear selected is 225, gear the design accuracy for level 4 precision at least level 5.

In order to ensure the minimum operating requirements of gearbox, designed according to body shape, taking into account the actual situation of processing, design cabinet position of tolerance for level 4 accuracy, machining to ensure accuracy at level 5 or above.

Gear box design, smooth operation, but the design, manufacturing and there have been some notable problems in the process, so processing must ensure the necessary precision of gears, or will make a huge noise in the operation of the gear box, and reduce the service life of the bearing, which could lead to irreparable damage of the gear box. When the v-belts are used, must pay attention to the small diameter of the pulley is big enough to meet the minimum requirements for selection of belt angle, otherwise there will be a jumping, skidding, speed and power transfer tasks could not be completed.