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Characteristics of gear box

Oct 11, 2016

1. gear box with universal design variants according to customer demand for industry-specific gear box.

2. the achievement of parallel shaft, vertical shaft, vertical, horizontal universal case, parts types decreased specifications increases.

3. using sound-absorbing structure, larger body surface area and big fan, spur gears and spiral bevel gears using advanced grinding technology, making machine, temperature rise, noise reduction, increased reliability of operation, transmission power increase.

4. input mode: the motor flange and shaft.

5. output: solid shaft with a flat key, flat key, hollow shaft, locking plate joint of the hollow shaft, splined coupling the hollow shaft, spline shaft of the connection shaft and flange connection.

6. gear box installation: horizontal, vertical, wobble base, torque.

7. the gearbox series 3~26 type specification, slow drives series 1~4-level, the ratio 1.25~450;, k, s and r series got bigger ratio.