V-twin 800CC Cruiser Engine

Product Name: V-twin Cruiser Motorcycle Engine
Displacement: 800CC
Application: Motorcycle

Product Details

Product Parameters

Engine TypeV-twin, water cooling, 4-Stroke
Displacement800 cm3
Max Power44.5Kw@6000rpm
Max Torque72N.m@5000rpm
Bore x Stroke91 x 61.5
Compression Ratio10.3
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
StarterElectric Starter
LubricationPressure and Splashing
Transmission6 Speed

Product Features

⒈.Overhead camshaft (SOHC), roller rocker arm, eight-valve and other technological features are to improve the mechanical efficiency of the valve mechanism and reduce wear.The optimized design of linear air intake channel helps reduce the intake air flow loss and carbon deposition in the air intake port, improve the inflation efficiency and make the power performance better.

⒉.The primary gear adopts anti-backlash technology to greatly reduce the noise of the whole machine.

⒊.Lightweight piston + skirt oil storage design serves to reduce wear and greatly increase the life of the piston and reduce oil consumption.

⒋.The inner wall of the cylinder adopts platform mesh to reduce the initial piston ring wear.

⒌.The design of water jacket structure eliminates the dead angle of water flow, decreases the engine cylinder temperature difference, optimises heat dissipation effect, and improves the engine life.

⒍.Optimized design of shifting mechanism, transmission mechanism and clutch components make its shifting mechanism work more precisely, more reliably and more comfortably.


1.Can I purchase an engine directly from Gaokin?

It depends on your intended purpose. If you are an end user and plans to buy an engine from Gaokin for replacement to upgrade the power of your vehicle. It is against our sales policy. If you are from a vehicle manufacturer and need an engine for design and production, we support your idea and look forward to the potential partnership.

2.What accessories are included in Gaokin engine’s package?

For vehicle manufacturers we provide all necessary parts and accessories for operating and testing the engines on the vehicles. It usually includes electronic fuel injection system, supplied by Delphi. If you have request for additional parts, you are always welcome to contact Gaokin sales department for more details.

3.Can we purchase air intake and exhaust systems together with engines?

No, we don’t design and manufacture air filter, silencer, resonator and other air intake and exhaust system parts. Usually both systems are designed and made by vehicle manufacturers in accordance with their requirements.