Off-road Vehicle Powertrain V1000

Product Name: Off-road Vehicle Powertrain V1000 Displacement: 1000CC Application: UTV/ATV

Product Details

V1000CC Engine for UTV

Engine TypeV-twin, 4-Stroke, 2-Cylinder
Max Power66kW@6500rpm
Max Torque102N.m@5500rpm
Bore x Stroke92 x 75
Weight80 ± 2kg
Dimension707 × 559 × 496
Compression Ratio10.3:1
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
StarterElectric Starter
LubricationPressure + Splashing
TransmissionCVT + Gearbox

UTV Engine V1000CC

  1. The gears of water pump and oil pump are made of carbon fiber, which makes the engine lighter, more reliable and stable.

  2.  Magneto, made of rare earth magnetic shoe, enlarges the engine's output power.

  3. The cylinder block, made of aluminum alloy with low pressure casting, strengthens the engine, easily dissipates the interior heat, lowers the heat load, and decreases the engine's weight, which guarantees the engine runs more stably.

  4. The integrated structure of engine, CVT and gearbox makes the engine and gearbox work more reliably.

  5. Timing transmission adopts imported 92-type silent chain, with stable, low-noise and reliable transmission system.

UTV Engine V1000CC

1. Where can I find more information about Gaokin engines?

Find the basic parameters on Gaokin engines on the specific product page. Download the PDF file enclosed to the page to get more details on the product.

2. How do I find an Authorized Gaokin dealership?

Gaokin works with professional ATV/UTV and motorcycle manufacturers and supplies engines to them for production. Usually we don’t sell engines to the end users to avoid potential injury and damage to the vehicle, caused by the improper installation and usage of Gaokin engines. At the moment Gaokin doesn’t have dealerships.

3. How do I visit Gaokin factory?

Visit the Contact Us section for details on how to contact Gaokin sales department.

4. What is Gaokin's official website?

Website for Gaokin Moto:

Official website for Gaokin factory:

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