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  Gaokin Industry Co., Ltd was established on the 28th of Feb., 2006 at Liangjiang New District, Chongqing with the registered capital of 12 million US dollars and total investing capital 90 million US dollars Gaokin is a high and new technology corporation, one of the key Hi-tech enterprises in National torch plan, owning an enterprise technology and engineering center of Chongqing city. Now there are over 850 highly skilled staffs working in Gaokin.

  Gaokin has large CNC centers, digital production lines and testing and inspection system including large-scale CMM equipments, as having the capabilities covering of designing, developing, tooling design and developing, detecting and testing ability for marine power, motorcycle, energy production, engineering machinery and off road vehicle power system.

  The main business market range for Gaokin is including developing, manufacturing and selling components, engine, transmission system for automobile, motorcycle and off-road vehicles; as well as designing and manufacturing for snowmobile, off-road vehicle, machining products, metal products, plastic products, molds and hydraulic mechanism.

  Gaokin is one of the leading company of co-rod and cylinder manufacturing for large displacement engine in China with world-wide high quality production ability. Gaokin is mainly cooperate with top 500 enterprises in the world as Caterpillar, GE and Cummins.

  Gaokin is an Chinese professional manufacturer and distributor which has been designing and developing large displacement engine, CVT, gearbox and differentials independently.


For more information,please visit: www.gkengine.com

Our certificate

ØBV  Certificate                             ØCCS Certificate                          ØISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate

ØISO 9001:2008 Certificate           ØISO 14001:2004 Certificate        ØOHSAS18001:2007 Certificate

Hardware Ability

                                    Machining Equipment
NameMax sizeAccuracyBrand
gantry machining center6000*2000*2450mm positioning accuracy 0.02mm/full travelOkuma, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Beiyi
 repeated positioning accuracy 0.01/full travel
horizontal machining centerworkbench size: 1250*1250positioning accuracy: 0.01mmDMG,Makino,MAZAK,Doosan
diamter 2300,travel of table:XYZ 2100X1350X13800.006mm repeated positioning accuracy
NC boring centerworkbench:1800X2000 positioning accuracy 0.005/full travelPAPA,Toshiba,KBT
travel of table 3000X2300X1600,W700 repeated positioning accuracy: 0.003/full travel
vertical machining centerworkbench:2100X1050positioning accuracy±0.007/300, VDI 0.02Hass, Hardford
travel of table:2060X1016X1070repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.005, VDI 0.02
deep hole drill1500*φ30/

CMM700×1000×600MPEE=(2.0+L/300)μm  ZEISS
CMMΦ2400diameter 2.4m
SR:± 0.020 mm
CTA:± 0.025 mm
length:± 0.036 mm

                                                     Aluminum casting equipment
Name Max size/capacity
low pressure die equipment3000*1500*1000mm, 60 pcs/shift for each LPD equipment (6 sets)
Cold box core shootermax mold size 1500*1500*1000mm, max weight 200 kg per sand core, 60 pcs/shift
Hot box core shootermax mold size 1100*800*700mm, max weight 80 kg per sand core, 80 pcs/shift
Gravity casting machinemax mold size 1500*1100*1000mm, max weight 50 kg per part, 80 pcs/shift
Furnace melting 1.5t/h